Revolutionizing Capital Reserving

Intellegri uses sophisticated Bayesian modelling and AI to provide precise, near real-time risk assessments, helping companies optimize their capital reserves.
Risk Analysis
Delivers instant assessments of financial exposures, enabling timely and informed decision-making.
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Predictive Insights
Utilizes sophisticated Bayesian models to anticipate and mitigate risks in complex portfolios.
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Seamless Integration
Facilitates easy incorporation with existing systems, enhancing functionality without disrupting operational workflows.
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Our system reshapes risk management strategies by providing targeted insights that guide capital allocation, ensuring that organizations maintain just the right amount of reserve to meet regulatory and practical needs without the burden of overcapitalization.

Dynamic Risk Adjustment
Continuously updates risk models based on new data, ensuring that financial strategies stay aligned with the current risk landscape.
Regulatory Compliance
Designed to meet various international regulatory standards, our platform helps ensure that your financial practices are compliant across different markets.
On-Demand Reporting
Delivers up-to-the-minute insights on capital and risk statuses, enabling quick, informed decision-making under changing conditions.
Scalable Solutions
Easily integrates with existing systems and scales to handle the needs of both small firms and large enterprises, ensuring flexibility and growth potential.
"Intellegri revolutionizes risk management by equipping clients with the tools to foresee and mitigate risks with unmatched accuracy, fundamentally transforming their strategic approaches."
Nick Lockwood
CEO, Intellegri

The Big Hypotheses Model

Developed at the University of Liverpool, Intellegri holds an exclusive license to utilize the Big Hypotheses Model for the insurance and financial services sectors, providing our customers with unique and advanced risk analysis capabilities, at speed.

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Hierarchical Modeling
Decomposes complex risk structures into manageable layers, offering a detailed view of underlying factors and interactions.
Corrects for sampling biases, clarifying the risk landscape and enhancing prediction accuracy.
Real-Time Insights
Employs cutting-edge computing to provide near real-time risk overview, supporting quick and informed decision-making.

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